This makes sense. First, by way of social media, school, public programs, etc... persuasion is used to confuse children into thinking that they are something they are not. Next they have gotten the parents of these children gaslighted believing their child believes they are something other than what they are, even though they have their own eyes to see the truth in front of them. Finally they have doctors that will action the procedures to change these children into something else. These mad doctors are now justified in their conducting of experiments on humans hiding behind the HIPPA Oath at the very least but also what ever other paths they sign and swear to under the umbrella of helping people. No lab rats needed. This is phase 1.

Phase 2 Tech melding with biology.

Simply put, now they have opened the door for adding in the tech augmentation(s) to these transgenders who are now softened to the persuasive tactics of “your body your right”. And now we have Transhumans walking amoung us. It’s diabolically genius if one is insane. The inmates are certaintly running the loony bin and these psychopaths behind this tech meets biology are not hiding anymore. How do we stop them?

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